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You Want a Job? Stop Doing 12 Things!

You Want a Job? Stop Doing 12 Things!

No matter you have recently graduated from college/university or you are unemployed at the moment or else the job you are currently doing might be painful or frustrating for you and others can feel it too.

So, here is a list of things that you should stop doing if you want a job or want to sustain your job.

1). Say No to Procrastinating

We all know that applying for jobs are something frustrating for everyone but do not procrastinate your stuff. Else you will end up living a miserable life without a good job that means NO EARNING!

2). Wipe Out All the Negativity

Do not apply for jobs with the “I am not fit for this job” approach because if you would think like this then why would the recruiter, hiring manager or interviewer would think that you are the right candidate?

You Want a Job? Stop Doing These Things!
                                                  You Want a Job? Stop Doing 12 Things!

3). Manage Your Sleeping Time (Not so Early, Not so Late)

Manage your sleeping hours according to the nature of your job. If you are applying or are interested in late night shift then plan your schedule in order to not be sleep deprived.  It would be highly unprofessional if you are sleeping while your company contacts you. So Plan!

4). Do Not Apply For Everything

 Keep in mind that you are technically not fit for every jo you see online because you simply cannot do everything. So, be a smart job seeker and apply for those vacancies that best suit your skills and educational background. And You’ll Find One For Sure!

5). Do Not Worry About Getting Rejected

 Do not possess an approach that you will get every job you are applying for. No matter how good your interview went. This will help you in moving to new job offers. Because there’s no need for worrying about the rejection, sometimes you just can’t be the right person for the right job. So Don’t Be Upset!

 6). Stop Spending a lot of Time on Your Resume

Keep in mind that every single person on earth has got a resume, more or less like yours. Stop wasting your time on perfecting your resume just keep it updating. You need to spend your time and energy in grooming yourself ad perfecting your knowledge and skills. Prepare yourself for interview because being perfect only on your resume will Not Go Far!

7). Be an Active Listener and Talk less

Be good in your communication skills but not only in talking, be a good listener as well due to the fact that you gain a lot while listening to stuff. Understand the give and take strategy. Ask the question and listen to their answers and learn. So Listen!

8). Stop Thinking That Earning is Everything that Matters

 It’s undoubtedly true that it’s important that what are you earning from a job but don’t think that it’s the last thing to worry about. It will affect your job search because then you will be concerned with the amount of pay you will get from the job.

9). Do Not Contact the Company for Updating You

Do not go after them, let them contact you first. Don’t be crazy after a job and don’t let the company get a bad impression of yourself. If you are someone selected or about to get selected they’ll contact you for sure. Wait a Little!

10). Don’t Appear Desperate

Don’t appear desperate and show that you need this job. Have an approach that the job needs you. Stay Cool!

11). Be Organized in Your Job Search

When applying for jobs being organized in something that matters a lot. Keep a track or record about the jobs you have applied for in order to remember the name of company, job designation, date etc. Don’t Create a Mess!

12). Plan and Plan

You need to plan. Don’t try making the perfect plan for everything but do plan and be an organized job seeker. Do take into account the type of company and job designation you are applying for and how does it matches with your skills and educational background. Get prepared for the interview and make a schedule taking into account your job search hours, don’t just search any or every time. Stick to the Plan!

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