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Ways for finding a job in UAE

Ways for finding a job in UAE

A rare way of getting a job in Dubai can be based on one’s personal reference. But if you know someone living in Dubai, it’s a chance not to waste. Send the person your resume and he/she can help you with searching a suitable job. You can be referred to other organizations as well. This is an easy way for searching a job but is very rare to happen but don’t feel bad for it. Applying online, consulting HR consultants, visiting personally etc. are effective ways of job search.

Ways for finding a job in UAE
                                                          Ways for finding a job in UAE

May people get hired by applying online through various third party websites. There are a number of online portals and websites for jobs in Dubai/UAE. You can easily find them online.

While applying online you should remember:

  1. First of all, keep in mind that the best time for applying online is early in the morning. It gives good impression plus the hiring manager or the person dealing with online candidates will get to read your resume/ cover letter in the morning.
  2. An updated version of your Resume which should be up to the mark meeting the standards of recent times.
  3. You resume should always be accompanied with a cover letter while applying for a job. Mention your skills and work experience in it in a proper manner.

Some of the online websites and job portals are mentioned below that can ease your job hunt.









However, you need to research on these websites a bit, in order to know which one is better and convenient for your job search. Some prefer freshmen while some want professional and experience candidates. Though, it’s a good idea to give a try to all of them and upload your professional skills via resume etc. on all of them preferably.

Well established companies often have their websites and you can apply online for different vacancies. It can help you in many ways but only if your desired company take online applications.

Another good way can be contact different HR consultants. Visit them personally if possible otherwise you can send your Resume online via mail. Look into the market and get to know which are suitable and trusted HR consultants to help save your energy and time.

Keep yourself on the rack and look for different advertisements on print media. It will save your time and energy also. You can also place your ad in Gulf News and mention the contact details. It can be helpful at times.

Remember that no matter how much advice or consultation you get online or from different consultants, you always need to be vigilant enough to look and search appropriate vacancy/post according to your requirements only then you will succeed.

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