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Tips on writing a CV

Tips on writing a CV

CV writing is a very tricky job. It’s not just about pinning down your credentials, its way more than just what appears on the surface. A lot of employers merely skim over your CV, without reading any details, and decide if they want to hire you or not. Your CV is your ticket to secure a seat for the interview.

But do not worry. We have got it covered for you.

Tips on writing a CV
                                                                                Tips on writing a CV


Make sure you include all the sections in your CV. The checklist contains Personal Details, Objective, Education, Work experience, Achievements, Language Proficiency, Interests, and References.

Don’t forget to add a Personal Statement. Your personal statement would describe why you are fit for this specific job.

Simpler the better

The more you keep your CV simple, the better it is for the employer to see all the highlighted subjects in your CV in one glance. Follow a simple format. Keep the fonts eye-friendly. The font Garamond has been considered the best for writing a CV.

Presentation matters a lot

A good CV should be presented beautifully. Keep the layout clean. Make sure the paper is neat and tidy and not crumbled. Avoid adding too many pages to your CV.

Tailored for a job

Read the job description thoroughly. Find out the skill set required for that job, tailor your CV, highlight your skills and experiences for that particular job.

Don’t Exaggerate

This is very common. Everyone, more or less, exaggerates about ones skills and experiences on the CV. It can get you in trouble if employer decides to have a check on your background. Besides, you might end up doing a job that you have no idea about.

Keep it updated

Keep your CV updated. Even if you are not applying for a job right now, but you might need it anytime. Therefore, it is better that you keep adding the credentials as you go.


Add a reference of your previous employer who can endorse your skills and experiences. If you haven’t worked anywhere yet, get a reference from your college professor.

Check for the errors

Always double-check what you have written on your CV. An error on your CV might give your employer an excuse to reject you. Watch out for the mistakes and always use the spell-checker in case you are not sure about the spellings.

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