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11 Awesome Tips for Your Job Interview

11 Awesome Tips for Your Job Interview

After successfully mastering your cover letters, resumes, applications etc and when you receive a call for interview, it is the right time to understand and know all the necessary tips for a successful job interview.

Here are some helpful tips for your job interview:-

1). Research

First of all, it is important to research about the job you are applying for i.e. Employer, Hiring manager and job designation. The better you would be aware of the panel taking your interview and the requirements of the job designation you have applied for the better you will be able to respond the questions asked in your interview.  The information primarily can be taken from the organization’s website or your network or contacts.

2). Prepare

It is highly suggested to prepare responses of all the common and expected questions that can be asked in your interview. Don’t try to memorize responses, it will confuse you but just try to develop points for interview questions. Make concise and specific responses and don’t try to prepare long answers which will ultimately result in making you confuse if you’ll forget them.

3). Dress Accordingly

Spend a little time on planning perfect attire for yourself for interview that is according to the environment of the workplace. Your dress should look neat and tidy, plus try keeping jewelry or other accessories to minimum. Also try not to eat or smoke before interview.

11 Awesome Tips for Your Job Interview
                                           11 Awesome Tips for Your Job Interview

4). Be Punctual

Arriving late for an interview can be the worst you can do to yourself. Try reaching the venue 15 or 20 minutes before the given time.

5). First Impression Is the Last Impression

You need to look well dressed, polite and professional in the first look. Studies show that first 5 minutes of an interview are the most crucial due to the fact that employer/hiring manager make decisions about the candidate in it.

6). Be focused and Authentic

Your goal should be responding with concise and authentic answers and shouldn’t include irrelevant statements. Be focused and to the point. Plus, keep in mind that no matter what, never badmouth the previous employer or company you have worked for, it would undoubtedly give a bad impression.

7). Body Language and Gestures are Important

Once the interview has started, keep in mind that your body language, gestures are something that are being noted. Smiling, nodding, listening properly, eye contact, sitting in a proper posture etc. are all important while giving interview. Avoid chewing gum, stroking your hair, looking here and there or playing with a pen.

8). Ask Questions

Asking relevant questions in the interview gives an impression that you are interested in the following job. Prepare few insightful questions about the job a day before interview; it would help you at the time of interview.

9). Show That You Are the One

You need to showcase yourself that you are the best candidate for the job. Sell your skills in the best way possible with the idea of “job needs you”.

10). Don’t look Desperate

Avoid the approach of “please, hire me” or “I need this job” it would make you look desperate, nervous and less confident.

Remember, that ‘you can do it’; you just need to realize this to the hiring manager or the employer.

11). Send a Thank you Email

You can send a good and friendly gesture to your employer by sending an email in which you can thank him for interview session and later if you get selected you can thank for selection also. Because being polite and humble would make you an appealing and friendly individual.

Most importantly job candidates need to know and remember that it is important to stay focused and work for your upcoming job interviews. But In case you are not selected for a job/post you prepared well (using above mentioned details) for, don’t lose your heart because there are a number of ways by which you can be rejected even if you were well ready.


Identify your business sector and do not settle for any job that doesn’t match your skills and professional education because in the longer run it would leave you with regrets. Plus you should always work in your related domain to make best out of your education and skills.

Rest, prepare in the best possible way you can and keep your moral high. Good luck !


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